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got my eye on you;

flamingkitsune in sardean_sammich

Sardean Sammich Bites: Sam Reveals the Unfortunate

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Taylor inspired this one, too. Apparently he has a thing for comics who know they're comics.


Just wondering...

What's the story behind the comic's name?

Re: Just wondering...

I'm not sure if I remember how exactly I came up with it. It had to do with the fact that one of my nicknames for Sam is Sammich, and all of a sudden during class it hit me. Sammich = Sandwich = Sardine = Dean = Sardean + Sammich = Sardean Sammich. It was the only equation to make sense to me that class. XD

I thought it was absolutely hilarious and wrote it all over everything. Then when I started these I thought, "I'VE GOT THE PERFECT NAME!"

That's pretty much it, right there. :D

Re: Just wondering...

Oh, and as for the bites... those are for the simpler comics, obviously, with the peg-people when I can't or don't feel like doing a more detailed one. And, you know, you take a bite out of a sandwich. So.

Re: Just wondering...

lol... I thought that was "Sardine"

Does Sam have a bow in his hair? (ify-to be asking)

Re: Just wondering...

Yeah, she is amazing!

Re: Just wondering...

*Glomps* Doctor Who!!!!!!!!
And Billy Talent?!?!?!!

Are you in America too? (not many Americans listen to Billy and Muse... OR watch Doctor Who)

Do you have a Deviantart as well?

(I'm not on crack... Iswear!)
(I read your profile)

Re: Just wondering...

I are a triple-whammeh! No, I'm in Nova Scotia on the East coast of Canada. And believe me, even less people watch Doctor Who or listen to Muse here. I'm all alone. D:

Yes! You can find me here. :D I'll add you to my watchlist.

Re: Just wondering...

Nope, just a lame pun by yours truly. XD

Haha! It does look like one. No, that's just his hair.

(And omg, toeatsmoke art in your icon. Looove. ♥ I know I blatantly ripped off the emo-splosion in this strip. >>;)
Sardean Sammich

May 2007

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